Window Cleaning – Choose Your Package!

Basic Package Includes:

Exterior Window or Interior Cleaning Only. All tracks and sills wiped down

General Package Includes:

Windows cleaned inside and out. All window tracks and sills cleaned. If we are doing screens they will be brushed cleaned.

Deluxe Package Includes:

Window cleaned Inside and out. All windows sills and window tracks cleaned. Detail cleaning on tracks & vacuumed out. If were doing screen they will be washed.

-Please move any furniture or anything breakable from windows that we are cleaning to avoid breakage.
-This price does not include moving any furniture.
-Please move furniture from windows that we are cleaning at least 1.5 feet away.
-This price does not include removal of any hard-water edge in windows.
-Sometime its hard to tell if windows have any damage when dirty even if we conducted an in-home estimate. Damages that we notice will be reported on windows or screens.
-The weather tends to damage screens sometime you cant tell until we removed them.
-Screens MAY break due to weather conditions or how old the screens are if screens were not kept up in maintenance. We will advised you if any screen broke while removing them.
-We are NOT responsible for any screens that break.
-Outdoor plants near windows or plants touching windows we will do our best to clean them.
-Any outdoor Ground lights, statue figurines or decorative items please removed so they don’t get damaged.
-Sometimes we will be stepping near or on plants with out ladders will do our best not to. Not responsible for any of the landscaping.