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Jay’s One Stop Cleaning Services provides homeowners and business owners in the Palm Desert area a solution to the tiresome and time-consuming cleaning chores. We offer wide- ranging cleaning services that can make your abode or commercial space clutter- and germ-free.

With the help of our professional cleaners, you can impress your visitors, clients, or even business partners effortlessly. You no longer need to tackle those dirty screens and windows by yourself or purchase costly cleaning equipment so your in-house cleaner can clean your office space more efficiently.

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Just contact us, and our team of cleaning experts will bring top-notch janitorial services to wherever you are in Palm Desert, California. We will carry out a variety of cleaning tasks, including:

● removing cobwebs
● emptying wastebaskets
● cleaning mirrors and window sills
● dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures
● washing countertops and backsplashes
● vacuuming and mopping floors or stairs
● scrubbing and disinfecting sinks, tubs, and showers
● cleaning appliances, such as stove-tops and drip pans
● dusting home decors (i.e., picture frames, furniture, wall accents, etc.)

Here is more: we also offer carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Palm Desert. Carpets and upholsteries are home to a high number of germs and bacteria. For this reason, effective cleaning is a must.

At Jay’s One Stop Cleaning Services, we understand the different types of materials or fibers used in carpeting and upholstery. This means you can expect us to use the right cleaning products and techniques best suited for your carpets and soft coverings.

Have you been relying on a janitorial service recently but are not satisfied with the results you get, especially in cleaning tiled floors? The truth is, cleaning tile floors by hand is hard work. Regular mopping and spot cleaning can’t deeply remove stubborn dirt hiding within the grout lines.

So the next time you look for tile and grout cleaning services in Palm Desert, feel free to contact us. Jay’s One Stop Cleaning Services promises 100% satisfaction. We get your tiled floors reasonably clean and make them look as good as new!

And if you are looking for window cleaners in Palm Desert, we also got you covered! Our cleaning professionals can guarantee you the best window washing results as they pay careful attention to their jobs and treat your windows as an investment that requires proper care.

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Did you know that wiping, mopping, and scrubbing are not enough to clean the surfaces of your home or business space? You should also disinfect and sanitize them to reduce the number of germs and minimize the risks of infection.

You don’t need to worry because Jay’s One Stop Cleaning Services also offers not just cleaning services in Palm Desert, but also disinfecting and sanitizing services. We have highly-trained professionals who have been performing quality cleaning and disinfecting in homes and offices even before the pandemic broke out.

We utilize commercial-grade cleaning solutions and heavy-duty equipment to ensure rigid standards of cleaning and safety are met, especially during this global health crisis. Not only that, but we also use a 360° electrostatic spraying technology to disinfect or sanitize up to 4x target cleaning areas with maximum efficiency.

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All of our employees have been professionally trained to handle the services you’ve asked for. All of our cleaners are certified in a variety of areas and are comfortable working in both houses and apartments. We are perfectly capable of handling tough jobs. If you need to clean up a dirty house or apartment that has been without a mop or a vacuum for many months, we can develop an action plan that will make the entire residence look brand new. Ask about our steam carpet cleaning services, which can remove even the deepest stains from the fibers. Whether you’re interested in cleaning your carpets, throw rugs, tiled floors, grout, windows, or appliances, we’ve got the expertise that places us above our competitors. Our primary goal is to leave each and every customer satisfied with the appearance of their home or apartment once our employees have worked their magic. We offer free estimates to potential customers, so feel free to give us a call for more information when you want to set up a booking.