1. Clear the Clutter

Prior to your job scheduled cleaning you want to clean up and free up the spaces you want your house cleaner to clean and sanitize. It is always best that you take your personal belongings put them away in drawers and/or closet spaces. This will help make the most out of your cleaning and can help prevent items from getting misplaced. Both you and your cleaner will feel grateful that you did!

2. Point out your most concerned areas before letting your house cleaner get started:

There’s no better experience than having clear expectations from customers who point out the things that bother them the most from their dirty home. Maid services 99% of the time want to do a good job, so by communicating these things prior to the job starting can make a huge difference.

  3. Relax & Enjoy Your Free Time:

Yes I know, it is easier said than done! But try to relax, you hired a maid service so you don’t have to worry about house chores. Leave the work to the pros, the majority of them are professionally trained and know exactly what they are doing, and if they have a question, I’m sure they will ask. You can enjoy doing the things you love and/or catch up on some other important work

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